Resonant Spaces NYC Tour

April 8, 2024

Over 2 consecutive weekends this month (April 14 and 21) Mantra Percussion performs my percussion sextet, Timber, in six incredible, unexpected resonant spaces across New York CityCastle Clinton (Manhattan), Federal Hall (Manhattan), DUMBO Archway (Brooklyn), Queens Boulevard 7-Train Viaduct (Queens), Endale Archway in Prospect Park (Brooklyn), Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument in Fort Greene Park (Brooklyn).

We scoured New York City to find the coolest resonant spaces — we looked for the everyday, unseen reverberant places that thousands of people pass by without ever thinking about.

If you are in NYC this month, please join us at these public-access, free-to-all, unique locations!

Sunday April 14

3PM – Castle Clinton (Manhattan)
Built to defend against the British Navy during the War of 1812 — Castle Clinton’s acoustics are historic.

6PM – Federal Hall (Manhattan)
The Federal Hall Rotunda! George Washington was inaugurated here — the overtones in this building are legendary.

8:30PM – DUMBO Archway (Brooklyn)
The DUMBO Archway under the Manhattan Bridge is one of NYC’s truly unique spaces. For years Water St. ran through the Archway — we turn it into a surprise bandshell.

Sunday April 21

12PM – 7 train Viaduct/46 st. Station (Queens)
Built in 1917, the Queens BLvd viaduct has mysterious resonance that propels echoes.

3PM – Endale Arch (Brooklyn)
The Endale Arch in Prospect Park opened in 1867. Its unique acoustics seem to defy the laws of physics.

6PM – Fort Greene Park (Brooklyn)
The Prison Ships’ Martyrs Monument stairway provides a solemn environment that reflects sound from its stone, reverberating through the surrounding trees.