One Day I Saw — video premiere

Michael Gordon's 
One Day I Saw
(from Anonymous Man)

performed by
The Crossing
(Donald Nally, conductor)

premiere of a new animated short by
Brett Snodgrass

Monday August 31, 12pm EDT 

Michael Gordon’s Anonymous Man is a nine movement, 60-minute choral reflection on history, home and homelessness, and a memoir about Gordon’s block on Desbrosses Street in Manhattan.

Gordon writes about Anonymous Man:

When I moved into my loft on Desbrosses Street, the streets were empty, since few people lived there. But both then and now, there were the homeless. Over time the neighborhood changed from an industrial warehouse district to a residential area. Anonymous Man is a memoir about my block. The piece is built around my memories of moving in, meeting my future wife for the first time there, and conversations I have had with two homeless men who made their home on the loading dock across the street.

Performing this tour de force is the Grammy-winning, Philadelphia-based choir The Crossing. Conducted by Donald Nally, the choir is dedicated to expanding the contemporary choral music experience through commissions, collaborations, community, and performances that are characterized by a distinctive unity of sound and spirit.