House Music performed live online by Ashley Bathgate

Michael Gordon's
House Music

performed live online by
Ashley Bathgate, cello and voice

On Wednesday, September 23 at 8pm EDT, Ashley Bathgate performs Michael Gordon's House Music — an hour-long work for cello and voice to be performed only in intimate spaces, such as a living room, for a small audience.

Written for and premiered by Bathgate in The Tiny Cello House on the IJ waterfront in Amsterdam, this upcoming special live-streamed event is broadcast directly from Ashley's home to yours to simulate the experience of being together in a living room.

Tickets for the event are limited to maintain the intimacy of a house concert; they are available for purchase at

“In true Gordon style, the music tends violently percussive and extreme, relentless in its industrial repetitions, but with stark exceptions: a section of glassy harmonics, another of keening, drooping melancholy gestures. By the end, Ms. Bathgate was practically sawing at a string while twisting the cello’s peg and painfully contorting its pitch, the classical equivalent of smashing a guitar against the stage.” – The New York Times