Decasia (2001) 60'

3(3pic).3.3.2ssx.0 2cbn/2442/2perc/egtr.ebgtr.4kbd/str [all instruments amplified]

Basel Sinfonietta and Europaischer Musikmonat 2001

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Decasia 20th Anniversary

20 years ago, just a few months after the world-changing events of 9/11, Michael Gordon traveled to Switzerland to see the Basel Sinfonietta and conductor Kasper de Roo premiere his concert-length work for orchestra, Decasia, which accompanied a film by Bill Morrison — now itself a cult classic that is studied in film schools around the world.

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“The music’s purely visceral power [is] hard to resist.” — The New York Times

“…its incessant pulses – by turns buoyant and threatening – support a sound world in which the amplified instruments, carefully tuned microtones apart, create layers of fiercely dissonant harmony, punctuated by beats and difference tones…

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